PM200188 Motor Brush: Barrett

Part Number: BRPM200188
Item Price: $57.21 each
PM200188 Motor Brush: Barrett


PM200188 Motor Brush (set of 8 - 2 sets of 4) in the Barrett Forklift Brush Sets & Kits Catalog!

This aftermarket Barrett PM200188 motor brush (set of 8 - 2 sets of 4) in the forklift brush sets & kits section of the Barrett brushes catalog, will perform as well or better than the Barrett motor brush (set of 8 - 2 sets of 4) itself, at a fraction of the price. offers 1 DAY GROUND DELIVERY to 90% of the USA on all stocked Barrett Forklift Brushes Brush Sets & Kits! Enter your desired quantity and shipping postal code above to availability from 7 US distribution centers.

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